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Rata Witbank- An office with Personnel who loves and care

An office is just an office, but with furniture it can become a study or a reading room,

A study is only a study , but with someone working in it, it  can become a room where ideas can become great inventions …

A Rata office is only a Rata office, but a Rata office can become an office who loves, who cares and who makes a difference in the community if they have personnel that is prepared to take the extra step, that is prepared to dedicate their time and love to people they might not even know…

And that is exactly why Rata Witbank is an effective office who loves, who try their best and who puts in a great effort to help the people in our community.

Meet our Personnel who is always prepared to take that extra step to help children who needs help from people who care. We would like you to take our hand in 2019 and invite them to come to your child’s school to help them understand that they can always find help if they need it! Call them during office hours on 013 656 1755.










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