Rata Care Alert Community

Rata Care Alert Community

This year, give a child the gift of Hope

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I say: she does not have to be afraid anymore…

The distress of South Africans since the implementation of lockdown is increasing by the day, even more so for the children and women who are abused.  Rata takes action and you can help to make a real difference – to save a woman, a child, a family, from violence and abuse. You can do something about it!

Become part of a community that cares and acts.  Become part of the Rata Care Alert Community and join hands with others who are equally serious about combatting violence against defenseless children and women.

We are reaching out to people who believe that action must be taken against abuse and violence, to join forces with us to ensure the continued, sustainable social services that we have been providing ceaselessly to those in need and danger.

As a member of the Rata Care Alert Community, you can truly say that you are part of a team that unreservedly comes to the rescue of victims of abuse and violence.  Your monthly contribution makes it possible to send social workers to families where there is a dire need, often to places where others fear to go.

By donating R200 per month, you take responsibility to protect 1 child per year. But even a smaller amount will serve to strengthen the continued, crucial services and assistance, that Rata provides to the victims in our severely disrupted society.  Your sacrifice – the value of one plate of food per month, or more if you wish – helps to protect those living in fear and pain and tells them that they do not have to be afraid any longer.

THANKING YOU in advance!

Rata Social Services provides a unique approach:

  • Intensive preventative services are provided in order to protect and strengthen the family bonds
  • The wellbeing and interests of the child are always put first and the voice of each child is heard
  • Removal of a child from his/her family of origin is always kept as the last option unless it serves the best interest of the child
  • Children who are injured – physically and emotionally – through neglect, physical- or sexual abuse, are assessed and guided to wellness through therapeutic services
  • Rata already took on the challenges of addressing a future with more suffering and decline, by implementing virtual services as well. This enables the organisation to reach individuals and communities in need, even in areas where there are no physical offices.
  • Rata is an accredited child protection and adoption organisation.

The personnel of Rata takes care of:

  • 5000 statutory cases per annum
  • These include Children’s Court investigations, foster care – and children’s home placements, family reunification services, mediation and parenting plans, as well as adoptions
  • More than 2 500 of the above-mentioned cases are focused on foster care services
  • 2 000 plus new referrals are received per annum and there are strong indications that this figure will increase substantially due to socio-economic decline
  • 7 300 individuals are included in preventative services to ensure that they do not fall through the cracks in society
  • More than 1 300 parents are included in family reunification services
  • 10 000 individuals included in community programs, aimed at the societal upliftment
  • All persons in need, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, or language
  • Figures are close approximations of actual annual statistics

Impact and Tendencies:

  • Rata Social Services provides exceptional social services to children, adults, the elderly, and disintegrated families who are impacted by suffering and decline. These services lead people from brokenness to wholeness, enabling them to become productive members of our society.
  • The drastic increase in material need and unemployment is often accompanied by child neglect and abuse. This requires specific intervention to strengthen our society and bring healing.

Your contribution to Rata:

  • ensures that essential, professional social services are maintained in our communities that are laboring under increased social decay
  • ensures that the growing needs, flowing from the declining economy, is addressed by competent, dedicated individuals
  • ensures that the increasing number of people in suffering and deprivation are reached by more Rata service providers
  • enables the organisation to expand and, under difficult situations, provide more virtual services

Every contribution provides more stability and sustainability to Rata and gives hope for a better future for thousands of people in need!