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“RATA 360. Value adding Communication. “

RATA, a hand reaching out to the world – a hand raising people from BROKENNESS TO WHOLENESS.  The RATA hand works within the values framework of Integrity, Reliability, Ethics, Faith, Professionalism, Transparency and Credibility. With these values in hand, RATA wants to make a difference in an ever-changing world.  Although the changes in the world often bring pain and sorrow, we want change that brings wholeness to people who have lost hope. Our slogan “reach out, touch” therefore describes our compelling drive to bring hope to people.

In doing so we want to focus on each of the RATA values.


What role does Transparency play in your life; how do you view Transparency in a organisation?  How can we bring hope through Transparency ?  We value your feedback and would like to hear from you.  Please share your opinion in the comments section below.


The values summary is at the bottom of the page as an slide presentation..

RATA Values

The value of  Transparency 

In a world of changing morals, changing standards and changing people, we all need to act in a Transparent manner.

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Summary on Transparency as defined by the group that work on 28 March 2019.


To be open, Clear / understandable / give accurate information, No hidden agendas (secrets), Honesty &To see through

Acceptable behaviour:

  • Clarity – being open and honest
  • Clear understanding of everything
  • Clear explanation / good practice and knowing / explaining and following the procedures
  • Good communication upwards, downwards with clients and top management

Less desired behaviour:

  • Abuse of power by management
  • Not consulted with decisions
  • Hit with code of conduct
  • Colleagues to voice their grievances
  • Do as you please
  • Don’t care attitude
  • Not following procedures
  • Hiding information
  • Dishonest
  • Poor communication

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