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Practicing gratitude

Some of the first teachings that parents teach their children is to say “thank you” It is repeated and taught over and over again. As we grow older we use it voluntarily and practice a lifestyle of gratitude.  Saying “thank you” is a good act, however, this action often happens after the person received the benefits and it is more like an automatic response. Gratitude can be a way of life. A life without gratitude is often an unhappy, unfilled life. Putting a little gratitude in your daily life is a first-step to achieving many of your hopes, your dreams, and your goals. It is important that we practice our daily “thank you” to those who support and guide us.

The Pretoria office was recently supported to host the holiday program for 70 children. The event was hosted at the General Nicolaas Smith, Sportsfield. The children enjoyed themselves with various activities which enriched their holiday experience. They received two meals and two snacks for five days through the generous donations of our sponsors. The question is how does one show gratitude to the selfless?

The children that was part of the program come from vulnerable families and will not be able to pay it back. Rata’s wish is that they will pay it forward! Throughput the week there were smiling faces and happy hearts. That is worth paying forward. Their hearts were filled with joy as they participated in the project on a daily basis. The support embraced the children in their need, there was no lack or worry. What price can one pay for peace?

Gratitude lives within their hearts of the children and we have engraved a positive experience for 85 children. Gratitude is shown in different ways if we were in India we would be there in your time of need that is how they say “thank you” If we were in China we would bestow you with grateful gestures and gifts. In Japan we would bow down before those who made the week easy for the children. Here at Rata Pretoria how we measure gratitude is easy and natural. “Open your door and count all the Jacaranda flowers on the trees that you can find” Thank is us thanking you. Over and over again! That is our “thank you” to each and every person that contributed


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