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Information session for integrated case management for child protection

Event:  Integrated case management for child protection service provider

ORGANISER(S):  Rata social services and Laerskool Generaal Nicolaas Smit on the 6th December 2018.

AUDIENCE: Child protection service providers

VENUE: Laerskool Generaal Nicolaas Smit


Integrated case management information was aimed at bringing the child protection service providers (professions /occupations) together with different areas of expertise to organize and carry out work to address the holistic needs of client/client unit.

Presentations included

  • Perspective of school teachers
  • Understanding family from a child’s perspective
  • Child abuse in relation to mental disorders -mental health social worker’s perspective
  • child participation – legal-aid attorney’s perspective
  • SAPS FCS a police officer’s perspective”
  • family preservation services – a statutory social worker’s perspective
  • Comprehensive integration of different South African legislations on children -Presiding officer

The following guiding principles were emphasized.

  • Best interest of children.
  • Right to safety
  • Right to confidentiality
  • Right to participation and self-determination
  • Respect for diversity ,non-discrimination and inclusiveness
  • Empower and build on clients strengths
  • Family preservation
  • Adhering to ethical standards
  • Coordination and collaboration



The event was attended by more than fifty delegates and it was a great success. Integrated case management strengthened knowledge on the effectiveness of service providers working together in a cooperative manner in enhancing the capacities of clients.

Rata social services wishes to express greatest gratitude to the speakers and our wonderful audience.

We look forward to more interaction

Yours in services delivery
Rata social services (Pretoria Office)


Tiny Masina