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Christmas Wishes 2018

Christmas is a time of reflection – much like driving in a car and while looking through the windscreen, you can also look in the rear-view mirror. While you are looking forward, you can keep an eye on the road behind. It is however important to realize that the road ahead is more important than the road behind, that might be why the windscreen is bigger than the rear-view mirror.

On the Rata road ahead, we are full of hope for 2019 and the years to come.  As a Christian based organization, the celebration of Christmas is time of hope; a time to remember that Christ was born to change the world. Christ became man to bring peace to the world as well as in the life of everyone. Looking through the windscreen of Rata we are hopeful and filled with excitement, knowing that the future will be a time of prosperity. Looking in the rear-view mirror we see the pain of the past – the stories of mankind – both joyous and painfull.

During this time of Christmas we want to remind everybody that the windscreen is bigger than the rear-view mirror. The hope we have in Christ is bigger than the pain of the past. Through Christ we can leave the past behind and embrace the future.  Christ became man to deal with our sin. He lived, died and risen to change the pain in victory.

May the love of Jesus Christ bring peace and hope for everyone this Christmas.  May the road of 2019 be filled with the presence of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Board of Directors

Andries Pretorius
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