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Child Protection Week 2020

Blankets, beanies and toys distributed in Pine Ridge

On the first day back for Grades 7 and 12 a visit was paid to Pine Ridge Combined School and Mogalitwa School to give support and see if all necessary precautions were taken

As part of Child Protection Week 6 families in Pine Ridge were visited and 10 children benefited from the donation of blankets, beanies and toys.

Another family benefiting from the donation of blankets, beanies and toys

Another grateful beneficiary

In Klarinet X 6 this family’s home is evidence of the destructive actions of their son who is a drug addict. He burnt down the house because his older sister bought two chickens to start a business and he doesn’t like chickens because they “take his energy”. A family of eight is now cramped into the backroom of a neighbor who came to their rescue.

René Erasmus
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