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Brakpan held Positive Parenting Awareness Workshop

We opened the Child Protection Week by hosting a parenting workshop, titled Positive Parenting Awareness.

 Objectives of the workshop

  • To impart skills that will assist the attendees to work with children effectively.
  • To introduce attendees to ways in which they can enhance the environment of children in their care and to assist them with guidance and support

The workshop was co-facilitated with Save The Children

It was attended by 34 participants; including Rata staff and other stakeholders and parents

It was a full three (03) hours session, where it engaged both the facilitator and participants The content covered the below:

  • Participants were asked what they understand by positive parenting.
  • Participants own experiences as Children
  • Ideas on how to lead and be led
  • Ideas on how to listen, understand and connect

At the end of the workshop, participants were able to indicate that they gained valuable insights and ideas to lay the foundations to create a loving, consistent, safe environment for the children to thrive in; and celebrate the joys of parenting and childrearing.

We believe that by the purpose of this workshop, we managed to reach out to the parents in our community, and in return this will help the parents to create a loving environment in their homes where their relationship with their children can be nurtured and strengthened.

Love, lead and be led

Hints on positive parenting

Love- Delight in the miracle of your child by:

  • Telling them you love them
  • Showing them you love them
  • Disciplining them by lovingly redirecting negative behavior; with fair and consistent boundaries and most importantly, with love.

Lead and be led-  Be the adult you would like your child to become and take the lead from your child:

A continuous,  two-way exchange, back and forth between

  • Words
  • Deeds
  • Actions,
  • between parents leading and also being led by your children

Listen- Deeply, without judgement to create closeness, understanding and connection:

Listening wholeheartedly creates an intimate bond of trust and respect, where t becomes safe to share deeply and openly, all manner of hopes, fears, dreams and experiences without fear of judgement, criticism and ridicule. Do this by:

  • Focus- full attention on your child
  • Understand- begin to see the world through the eyes of your child
  • Connect- a confident, happy child, is a child that feels connected; reassured they are loved unconditionally, their world made safe by caring, consistent caregiving

Loving, leading and be led and listening creates a safe environment in the home, ensuring children will trust enough to speak openly and honestly

Thobekile Makhaye

Social Auxiliary Worker: Brakpan

Tel: +27 (0) 11 740 9310

Email: brakpan@rata.org.za

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